About Us


Who We Are

Goodro Kitchen And Bath Co., Ltd located in Xiamen, China, is proud to be a professional manufacturer of quality faucets and accessories, especially for North America. We are dedicated exclusively to developing OEM, ODM since 2013.

What We Offer

Goodro has first-class design and R&D ability, persistent creative and innovative ability, well-trained production assembly ability, complete production testing ability, efficient after-sales service system, We keep on providing our customers with high quality products at affordable prices, which meet their specific requirements.

What We Assure

Quality is our top priority. We have completed and well-trained quality control system. From the inspection of raw materials to testing facilities, our commitment to quality is visible in everything process. We do various in-house inspections such as flow rate measuring、life test、pressure test and appearance inspection to our products, and do regular test of the finished product. Our finished goods must pass double leakage test during the assembly: 100% air leakage test and 100% water leakage test. Furthermore, GoodRO has got NSF61、CUPC and AB1953 certificate , CSA, CEC Standard product for all products.

What We do

Our mission of “offering our customers the best quality, the best service, the best value’’, and coupled with our core value of “keeping our clients pleased and satisfied with our products and service”. 

Each of our products not only has the advantage of simple operation and convenient, but also bring your joy with water.

Always thinking, always developing, always trying to do things better - that is Goodro.

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